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Contact lenses from Proclear

The Proclear contact lens family is one of the biggest from the manufacturer CooperVision and so it should contain the right model for every contact lens user. “PC Technology” means that the contact lenses in this range deliver a particularly high level of moisture and so guarantee comfort for 12 hours or more. They are actually the only contact lens range which has permission from the US approvals authority, the FDA, to state “may offer improved comfort to contact lens users who have mild complaints or symptoms associated with eye dryness when wearing contact lenses”.

Our daily and monthly lenses from Proclear

As you can see below, we stock a wide selection of contact lens ranges from the brand Proclear, including daily and monthly lenses. Of course, which of these you prefer is completely up to you. To summarise, daily lenses are known for their sterility and simple handling, whereas monthly lenses are less expensive and more environmentally friendly. For further information, please look at the relevant category pages (daily lenses/monthly lenses).

You’ll find the following Proclear daily lenses at discountlens: • Proclear 1 day: For long periods of use, even with dry eyes • Proclear 1 day Multifocal: Also corrects presbyopia

At discountlens, you’ll find the following monthly lenses from Proclear: • Proclear: For long periods of use, even with dry eyes • Proclear Toric: Also corrects astigmatism • Proclear Toric XR: Corrects astigmatism and is available in high dioptre strengths • Proclear Multifocal: Also corrects presbyopia • Proclear Multifocal Toric: Corrects presbyopia and astigmatism at the same time

More from the manufacturer Cooper Vision at discountlens

If you can’t quite find the right lenses in the Proclear range, then have a look at the other contact lens families from Cooper Vision: • Avaira: Monthly lenses - offer a high level of comfort, long-term • Biofinity: Monthly lenses – outstanding comfort and perfect vision • Biomedics: Daily lenses - inexpensive and reliable • MyDay: Daily lenses – Very high-performance for the modern lifestyle • Clariti: Daily and monthly lenses – promoting good health and specialising in astigmatism and presbyopia

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