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Refresh eye drops – recovery for contact lens users with irritated eyes

If you are a contact lens user and often suffer from dry or tired eyes, then you’re not alone. Around 50% to 70% of all contact lens users show symptoms of dryness and fatigue, regardless of the type of contact lens they use. It’s logical really - no matter how well cared for the contact lenses are, they are still a foreign body and a challenge for the eyes. Particularly in cases of long periods of use, the moisture in the lens can be lost and the eye can dry out. Many contact lenses also do not allow enough oxygen into the eye, and do not let it “breathe” properly. As well as all that, there is contamination in the air, natural deposits in the eye, possible residue from incorrectly performed cleaning and so on. No wonder then, that this affects the eyes.

Refresh eye drops are a great solution to combat dry eyes - they care for and soothe the eyes at the same time.

Refresh eye drops for soothing and relief

Allergan Reresh Contacts are eye drops which have been specially developed for contact lens users. This solution closely resembles the composition of tear liquid and so it is particularly easy to tolerate even with sensitive eyes. You don’t have to take your contact lenses out to use them - Refresh eye drops can also be used while wearing lenses to soothe and relieve dry, tired eyes. Allergan Refresh Contacts are a kind of liquid cushion around the contact lens, which helps maintain wetting by the natural film of tears and so protects against further drying out. Naturally, the formula is particularly moisture rich, and so relieves the feeling of irritated, tired eyes when wearing lenses.

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