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Hylo-Comod Eye Drops

Hylo Comod eye drops – the classic eye drops

Hylo Comod eye drops are among the most frequently bought eye drops, and they have held their leading position ahead of newer products for some time. They provide relief particularly with medium severe issues with dry eyes, and are also suitable for contact lens users with all types of contact lenses. The main active ingredient, sodium hyaluronate, is the salt of hyaluronic acid, which is known for its biocompatibility and associated high level of tolerability. It wets the surface of the eye and delivers moisture, reducing dryness, irritation and fatigue. Not only does this reduce the unpleasant feeling, it also prevents damage caused in the long-term by dryness of the eyes.

Hylo-Dual – Hylo Comod eye drops for particularly sensitive and allergy-prone eyes

Hylo-Dual eye drops provide relief in a very similar way to Hylo Comod eye drops, but they are designed for even more problematic eyes. Eyes which get very dry, are often irritated, or react very strongly to allergies need an even more effective solution which brings relief quickly.

So, in dual formulas, two active ingredients work together. Sodium hyaluronate is backed up by ectoin, which means both the film of tears and the fat layer on it remain stable. This helps deflect allergy-triggering materials and protective elements remain in the eye, without drying out. This aids regeneration of the damaged cornea, and prevents new irritation.

Hygiene, durability and easy use thanks to the COMOD system

The vials used for the Hylo Comod eye drops in the Hylo Eye Care range were designed using the unique COMOD system, which offers several benefits: Firstly, air from the environment never reaches the fluid inside. This avoids contamination from the outside air and the fluid remains sterile. In addition, the bottle preserves the solution, which means there is no need at all to add preservatives. This avoids another risk of irritation yet the solution remains sterile for 6 months. In addition, the shape of the valve system allows very precise dosage, giving exactly 300 drops per 10ml. Not only is this huge capacity - as the drops are all exactly the same size, the correct application volume is always guaranteed, and thus also the optimal effectiveness.