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Opti-Free All-in-one solutions

Opti-Free all-in-one solutions - The right combi solution for every contact lens wearer

Opti-Free all-in-one solutions are divided into three product ranges. They build on each other and they increase the care and comfort-aiding effect step-by-step. This means you can choose the product which meets your eyes needs, whether this a simple lens cleaning, or if you require additional care and moisture. In addition, Opti-Free all-in-one solutions are available in a wide range of bottle sizes, as well as multipacks and travel sizes. The options here help you find the ideal lens care system for you. Whichever you choose, order at discountlens to guarantee the best prices and very latest offers!

Opti-Free all-in-one solutions: Express, RepleniSH or PureMoist?

Opti-Free Express is the multi-function solution to care for your contact lenses. You can use it to carry out all standard processes, including cleaning, disinfecting, normal care and storage of lenses.

If your eyes aren’t particularly demanding and you’re looking for a simple solution that can do everything, this is the perfect option for you. Do your eyes get dry now and again when you wear your contact lenses? Then Opti-Free RepleniSH could be just right for you. It contains the combination of effective ingredients TearGlyde, which works along with the tear fluid and ensures that the eyes are continually supplied with moisture.

This maintains a pleasant feel through the whole day. If your eyes are particularly demanding, or very sensitive, Opti-Free PureMoist should be able to help. It is the even more caring new version of RepleniSH and is also suitable for allergy sufferers or very easily irritated eyes.

It comes with HydraGlyde, which, like TearGlyde, forms a cushion of moisture around the lens, which protects the lens from “rubbing” directly on the eye and prevents any irritation arising from this. This cushion makes it harder for deposits and dirt to build up, which reduces further risk of irritation, PureMoist delivers long-lasting moisture so that you can preserve the highest level of comfort and the best possible care with this Opti-Free all-in-one solution.